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Their are days you wish you could forget or wish that it never happened and this is one of those days… Today marks the year of the Boston marathon bombing were 4 people were killed and over hundred men women and children were badly injured! That makes me sick to my stomach to know that people lost their leg or arm or can’t hear anymore or lost a loved one! I know are military men and women go through that on daily basis but this is totally different!! These were just random people watching and cheering for the people jogging!!! For god sakes children where there!!! babies!!! Who haven’t even begun life yet who couldn’t even hurt a fly if they wanted too!! Their life was took or they got a second chance without a certain body part or damaged brain or no longer hearing or lost a parent that day or saw their mother/father body laying there bloody same thing goes for the adults! You know How hard that must be to explain to certain victims that they don’t have this or that or can’t do this or that anymore!!! That’s terrible man and makes me so mad/sad… It’s like you can’t even enjoy a regular day anymore cause this world has gone full nuts… You Go outside to watch people jog and a bomb goes off or you go to school and it gets shot up or you go to work and all of sudden a plane flys right into it!!!! When does it end? When can we be at peace with one another? Why can’t we all be happy and just live life?! They say being positive is the key to life. Well this world definitely lost that key a long time ago…. Sigh I’m done tho my prayers go out to all of boston!!! BOSTON STRONG!

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